(re) stitch Tampa is an International Ideas Competition and is open to students and professionals world-wide. Students receive a discount on the entry fee and are required to provide proof of student status through providing a copy of a valid current student ID card through jpeg/pdf sent to the provided link on the registration There is also discount for school design studios of 12 students and under working under an advisor.

Winners of cash prizes will be issued a prize money check by the USF Foundation and a 1099 tax form will be issued to winners should the prize money be over $600.00, which will make it subject to taxation. International participants will be subject to the taxation agreement/treaty between their country of residence and the United States of America. Should winner(s) be a USF student, the winners will have their prize money administered through Financial Aid as a scholarship which is not taxed If the student has received financial aid through their cost of attendance Financial Aid will not pay the student at all, as they have already received the maximum amount of aid they are eligible for. In this case, the student will be temporarily appointed through payroll and paid and this prize money will be subject to taxation over $600.00.

Students from the University of South Florida (USF) are eligible to enter, with the exception of students directly employed by the competition organization committee.

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